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Faithful On Every Front


The AO12's mission is to support the Aggieland Christian Church and provide funding for programs and events of the Alpha Omega Campus Ministry. 


The mission of Alpha Omega at Texas A&M is to "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." We believe God stands with us in our mission to not only reach Texas A&M students but to reach all nations, and we ask you to stand with us also! 


Your financial support, whether it be a one time donation, committing to an annual donation or giving a major gift, directly benefits students of the Alpha Omega Campus Ministry at Texas A&M University. 




In the Spring of 2021 Texas A&M had a total enrollment of 72,982 students making it the largest University in Texas. With nearly 54,000 undergraduate students and nearly 11,000 Freshman, there is without a doubt much work to be done in spreading God's Word in Aggieland. In 2022, Fortune Magazine ranked Texas A&M University #1 in the Nation for most graduates serving as CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies. With this in mind, along with many other statistics, we believe we are sharing the Gospel Message with some of this worlds future leaders. We have the opportunity to share the Gospel with those that will leave a major impact on our world, and our mission is to do just that. 



We have seen many campus students graduate over the past two years. Some have moved and are serving God's church around the world. Others have stayed to continue their education, while serving and supporting the church locally. As of the Fall 2023 we have 8 students in the Alpha Omega Campus Ministry. The ministry is faithful and having fun as we continue to strengthen one another and help the world around us. We are faithful we will continue to grow through God's power! 



Aggieland Christian Church was planted in 2012 by 28 disciples faithfully moving from across Texas with a vision for God's Kingdom in Aggieland. Since 2012 God has blessed the church immensely. We have seen over 85 people converted here in the church! We believe this is just the beginning of God's amazing plan for Aggieland. 


By faith we envision AO12 to grow from initially supporting the church and interns to offering academic and benevolence scholarships to disciples. We pray it will serve as a network of former members, former students and potential students.


Join us for our next
AO12 Reunion Weekend

Thank you again for your continued support! We appreciate the sacrifices that are being made to build the church in Aggieland. From the monthly commitments to the one time donations; we pray that God stretches every dollar and makes it most effective for his glory. 


If you'd like to contribute, donations can be made electronically by clicking the donate button below or mail a check to:


Aggieland Christian Church

PO Box 10042

College Station, TX

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